Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining the integrity of your roofing system for years or even decades requires a sufficient amount of maintenance.  It has to be done thoroughly... and by the right people.  Otherwise, you will be left thinking that your roof is still good for another 5 years when in reality, repairs should have already been underway.

Minor and major issues overlooked by incompetent roofers are regrettable mistakes in the long run.  At MRC, we want to prevent small issues from becoming big ones that could require more work and more money if left unattended.  We have a skillful team trained to spot those small issues and fix them immediately.  We spent years perfecting maintenance methods that leave roofs in mint, immaculate condition.

If you find a small leak in your roof, we can visit your building and trace the root of the problem.  Waterproofing is also crucial for the overall maintenance of your roof.  The process of coating roofs with waterproof elastomeric membranes improves performance and durability.  It increases the life span of your roof by a significant degree which will save you money and resources in the future.

For roofing systems affected by harsh elements and decay for many years, we provide extensive repair services.  We take on repair projects after systematic assessment of your roof condition.  If we deem it necessary to perform a partial or complete roof replacement, we will let you know and discuss your options right away.  We listen to your considerations so together we can come up with project parameters workable for you.

What type of roof maintenence do you need?



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