Commercial Roofing

Your roofing system is one of most essential investments for your commercial or industrial property.  It needs to be the right type of roof for your building and the material needs to be of the finest quality to last for decades.  Our goal at Master Roofing Company is to increase the value of your investment by ensuring the effectiveness and durability of your commercial roofing system.

The content of your building – your office, documents, supplies, and your employees and customers must be protected.  Your operations need to resume in the shortest possible time, or even run smoothly while roofing services are being performed.  We understand these considerations and comply with our city’s strict safety and sanitary regulations for everyone’s welfare.

Master Roofing Company is highly capable of roof installation, replacement, and repair of the most complex commercial roofing projects in Oakland, CA.  We pride ourselves for being attuned with the innovations and developments in the roofing industry which afford us the experience and know-how to tackle your project... be it new construction or renovation.

It could be a contemporary structure that needs a complementary roof design or an old building with rich history that would benefit from an exceptional restoration.  We appreciate the value of your property, and we are committed to go the extra mile to make this project worth your while.



Master Roofing Company is a smart choice for all of your residential and commercial roofing needs in Oakland, CA.  Click below to share a few quick details and we'll get back to you to schedule a free estimate. If you can't wait, call us today at 510-523-5757. Just ask for Sunny!

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