The Founder: Sunny's Story

Master Roofing Company - Sunny Kwon

Humble beginnings inspire ordinary people to become masters in their area of passion.  Sunny Kwon shares his journey of being an immigrant who started from the bottom to operating his very own roofing company in Oakland, CA.  Master Roofing Company is his brainchild – created through decades of hard work, dedication and integrity.

Sunny has come a long way since then.  His passion for roofing made him a well-respected expert in the industry.  Thirty-eight years later, he is still the same hardworking roofer who pays attention to the smallest details, recommends accurate solutions, and shows a friendly and helpful attitude that endears him to numerous clients.  The longevity of his roofing venture can be credited to the genuine, fair and transparent professional relationships he creates and strengthens with clients and suppliers.  He is consistently learning and teaching through his craft, and imparting his extensive knowledge and proven roofing strategies to the entire MRC team.

“I came to America in 1980 as an immigrant from Korea.  My wife and I, with our 1-year old son, started a new life in this country.  We did not know the language, or the culture.  We had no other family, and no money.  Our past reminds me of the feeling of being alone and not having a way of securing a future for my family.  But it was this feeling of insecurity that woke me up each morning and gave me the drive to find a job.  It fueled me to work relentlessly to ensure a roof was over my family's head and food was on the table.” – Sunny Kwon

The Master Roofing Company Team

Master Roofing Company is a product of ingenuity, innovation and unrivaled work ethic.  Always equipped with the finest tools and premium quality roofing materials, the MRC team is ready to solve problems and conquer construction challenges on site.  Our field staff is sufficiently trained to tackle a wide range of projects, whether they are simple roof installations, complicated repair and replacement, or mixed-material roofing designs.

Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable about advancements in roofing technology.  Integrating solutions that perfectly match the requirements of a specific project is our full-proof game plan.  We believe that providing our clients with the right solution, customized to their needs, is always better than recommending unnecessary construction services which could be more costly or inconvenient for them.  Master Roofing Company is committed to our clients’ welfare by helping them have beautiful, safe and durable roofs which safeguard their homes and properties and ultimately make their lives better.

Get Help With Your Roof

Residential Roofing


Master Roofing Company provides full-service residential roofing for homeowners, developers, and realtors in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, and Alameda, CA.  We come up with proven and practical roofing solutions that address your needs thoroughly — including your schedule and budget.

We begin with a site inspection and evaluation, and then provide you with a comprehensive and transparent quote. Our manager, Sunny, is happy to accommodate a free consultation and will even show you roof samples for your consideration.

Commercial Roofing


Your roofing system is one of THE MOST essential investments for your commercial or industrial property. Master Roofing Company is highly capable of roof installation, replacement, and repair for even the most complex commercial roofing projects in Oakland, CA.

We pride ourselves for being attuned with the innovations and developments in the roofing industry which afford us the experience and know-how to tackle your project.

Roofing Materials

We install various types of residential roofing systems including asphalt shinglescedar shakemetal and flat roofing.  Our highly skilled roofers are diligent, meticulous – and consistently complete projects in a timely manner.

At Master Roofing Company, we use only the best products, hence, CertainTeed is our brand of choice.  With over 300 options to choose from in their product list, we can help you pick out the perfect roof design for your home or business.

CertainTeed carries all products needed for a superior and sustainable roofing system comprising of starter shingles, hip and ridge caps, ridge vents, underlayment and shingles.  Unfamiliar with any of these terms?  Let us help you navigate this territory so you’ll know exactly how your roofing project works.


Master Roofing Company is a smart choice for all of your residential and commercial roofing needs in Oakland, CA.  Click below to share a few quick details and we'll get back to you to schedule a free estimate. If you can't wait, call us today at 510-523-5757. Just ask for Sunny!

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